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Automatic engaging and disengaging of the drive rollers is standard on all Kronings automatic moving systems. No manual tools are needed. Un-Hitch the caravan from your car, and you are ready to go!

NEW 2012 lightweight manual engage moving system only 29kg

NEW- Kronings mover system security bolt set - secure your investment.



Combine the Kronings® electric corner steady system which can be operated from same remote control!

Kronings® design is protected by EU Patent and Trademark Office.


Kronings caravan moving systems are able to turn your caravan 360 degrees around its own axes, which allows you to carefully navigate around tight corners and narrow paths.

Kronings remote control is made in an ergonomic shape, in an exclusive shock-proof material, which ensures maximum functionality when moving your caravan. As the only producer in the market, Kronings remote control has a DPU protective anti-slip zone, which reduces the risk of the remote control slipping out of your hand, and reduces the risk of breaking.
 movingsystem.jpg The combination of Kronings Soft Control and the aluminum drive rollers reduces the wear and tear to your caravan tyres by more than 50% compared to other tested caravan moving systems on the market. The aluminum drive rollers reduce corrosion and increases tyre grip.

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20/08/13 Visit us at Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf hall 13, stand F05

12/08/13 Visit Kronings NEC October stand 19-19

11/11/12 Kronings gets NCC aproval

02/11/12 NEW Kronings mover system security bolts - Secure your investment

05/10/12 Kronings motor-mover test. See video

01/06/11 Kronings now also in United Kingdom

23/04/11 Announcement: "More new ground breaking products in 2011"

14/03/11 Kronings open sales office in Belgium.

16/01/11 ErgoPur Premium mattress brand - now Kronings.
27/08/10 Kronings acquire heating manufacturer. 

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