Caravans, Trailers, Boats...., you name it, we park it.....!


Why struggle with parking or moving your caravan, trailer, boat or light-weight aeroplane, when you can let Camper Trolley do it for you?


Up to 10% incline and 2,500 kilo trailer weight, Camper Trolley will become your new best friend.


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Camper Trolley

Want to be able to move your caravan, boat trailer or horse trailer easily?


With the unique remote-controlled Camper Trolley, help moving your caravan, boat or trailer into position is at your fingertips. Camper Trolley is designed for precision maneuvering and has some clear advantages compared to traditional, fixed-mounting movers:


  • No extra weight is added to the caravan beyond fitting brackets
  • No mounting costs - simple DIY
  • You don’t have to drill holes in the caravan or trailer chassis 


Camper Trolley is inexpensive to buy and operate. There are no maintenance costs and learning how to operate it takes just minutes.



Key features

  • 2 models: CT1500 & CT2500
  • For boats, aeroplanes, caravans and trailers up to 2500 kilo
  • Only increases weight of caravan or trailer with 6 kilo
  • Multipurpose use
  • Li-Pol drive technology
  • Simple and all round application


Which Camper Trolley should I choose?

Camper Trolley is an excellent solution for safely and easily maneuvering your caravan, boat trailer or horse trailer into place.


When you choose a Camper Trolley, it is important that the total weight of your caravan does not exceed the upper weight limit that the Camper Trolley is designed to move. By choosing a Camper Trolley that is too little, you risk overloading your Camper Trolley and consequently losing your warranty.


Camper Trolley CT1500

If the total weight is between up to 1,500 kg, we recommend model CT1500

Read more


Camper Trolley CT2500

If the total weight is up to 2,500 kg, we recommend model CT2500

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Underlying surface

Camper Trolley is designed to serve as a helping hand when your caravan or trailer needs moving. The underlying surface influences how effectively the force of the Camper Trolley is transferred to the surface.


On firm surfaces, Camper Trolley easily maneuver’s your trailer or caravan up and down inclines, in and out of your driveway or into a camping pitch. Camper Trolley provides what corresponds to the strength of two strong men (CT1500) or 3-4 strong men (CT2500). 


On a soft surface, such as sand, gravel, wet soil and wet grass, you may need to give the Camper Trolley a little help by pushing it with your own weight, especially at the start and when moving up inclines.



Everything you need in one package

Camper Trolley comes with everything you need to operate it. The only thing you have to do is fasten the fitting to the side member on your chassis and charge the Camper Trolley battery. Then you are ready to start moving. 


The factory supplied fitting for mounting on your caravan fits most trailers and caravans in USA, AUS, NZ and Europe. If your chassis has closed or around side members, you will find the right fitting on the accessories page.

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