Electric Corner Steadies

Kronings Corner Steadies™ is a new simplified electrical corner steady system. Four electrical motors, a digital control box and easy to use remote control, which may be combined with Kronings™ caravan moving system.


Mount 4 motors on your original corner steadies, and you are ready to operate your corner steadies from the same remote control as the caravan moving system.

The system is revolutionary in it’s simple use and installation.

The corner steadies automatically find the surface of the underlayer, were after exact adjustment of each corner steady is easily done using the remote control.

The remote control of Kronings™ movers and corner steadies are unique in the market, being first in a dual function control, which makes you able to control both Kronings™ movers and corner steadies on the same remote control.

remote.jpg Kronings_ben_frit_skygge_mindre.jpg metal.jpg




Only prerequisite for installing Kronings Corner Steadies™ system is that your manual corner steadies has a spindle / mandrel on the rear end of your standard mounted corner steadies!

*inspection of your caravan is recommended to check the existing corner steadies, as these can vary from one manufacturer to another.




Electric usage


12 kg (Total weight for 4 motors)
1. klasse/433,92 Mhz
75 - 105 Ah (Gel battery recommended)
Up to 85 kg (Mamimum 2.500 kg caravan)
< 10 mAh
13 - 16 seconds (each corner steady)


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