Kronings HEAT 1500+

Kronings HEAT 1500+ is developed for caravans and camper as a supplementary source of heating.

A premium alternative to gas heating - built into your original heating system, or in a seperate system.


Set the thermostat at the temperature you wish, the electric fan and heating elements automatically switches on and off controlled by a CPU processor to optimise the electricy consumption.




  • Powered by 230V
  • Chose 500W, 1000W or 1,500W depending on power source availability
  • Built into the original heating system of your caravan
  • HEAT 1500+ is an alternative to gas heating.
  • Controlled via an all-automatic thermostat, set the temperature and both heating elements and electric fan automatically operate.
  • The thermostat automatically switches on both fan and heating elements, to achieve the chosen temperature.
  • HEAT 1500+ is easily moved from one caravan to another; set-up by an authorized vendor will take approx. one hour.
  • Maximum cost-effective heating is ensured by two intermittently working ceramic heating elements.
  • SAVINGS up to 20% compared to traditional electric heaters and up to 30% compared to gas heaters.



100% thermostat-controlled blower
Ceramic heating elements
180M3 / hour low-volume blower
Possible to connect with Kronings GPS with text message deployment of on/off function
Voltage: 230V
Power/Amp: (500W = 2.2A; 1000W = 4.3; 1500 = 6.5A)
Weight: 4.5 kg
Temperature range: 10 – 30 degrees Celsius

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