Digital Gas, carbon monoxide and narticotic gasses detector

 Probably the most sold European gas and carbon monixide detector NS-mini.


tuv.jpgDigital computerized gas detector with carbon monoxide and narcotic gasses detection Kronings TriGas detector "NS-mini" 


The gas alarm has a unique heating element, which ensure the air around the sensors is ventilated and renewed which increase the safety and reliability.


The TriGas alarm respond to Probane/Butane (GPL) at the floor, carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide, CO and NO at the sealing), as well as several other gasses with anesthetic effect, at floor and sealing.


The external sensor, which can be bought as an extra accessory, with a 3 meter cable, reacts on exactly the same gasses; GP, CO and NO.


The intelligent electronic makes every 40 seconds a test of the calibration, and adapts to the environment in the caravan so you avoid false alarms due to natural changes in the environment.


The sensor automatically adjusts to the temperature, and thereby ensure proper calibration with a temperature above 25°C, so you avoid false alarms due to temperature changes.


A nice and discreet modern design as well as a super easy user-friendly product, which makes the product very attractive.

Download mounting and user manual.


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