Kronings ApS has been taken over by a new owner

“Kronings has been resurrected on a sound financial platform.”

Lasse Smidt is the new owner of Kronings ApS. He took over the business immediately after the company was declared bankrupt in January 2019. 

We need to focus on the best possible customer service, and then I see a huge market for the Kronings’ segment,” 
Lasse Smidt, CEO, Kronings ApS

Lasse Smidt has been on the sidelines of the company for six years and therefore has a thorough knowledge of Kronings’ products.

At the top of the agenda is to lift the existing products to an even higher level where it is possible to integrate control systems on air conditioners, movers and heaters. 

Kronings will be driven forward with fresh eyes, where internal, as well as external procedures, will be reviewed. 

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