Camper Trolley

– is the solution to your manoeuvring problems with your trailer, boat and caravan.

Many problems, one solution

You can move your desired vehicle with the Camper Trolley’s remote control quickly, safely, efficiently and with great precision. The Camper Trolley is available in three models: CT1500 which can move up to 1500 KG, CT2500 which can move up to 2500 KG and CT4500 which can move up to 4500 KG. 

The Camper Trolley requires very little maintenance – regularly charge the battery and clean off the dirt on the outside. 

Many benefits

  • No mounting costs
  • No weight gain or loss of headroom for the caravan
  • No holes or welds in the caravan during mounting
  • Stored in a transport bag when not in use
  • No soiling from oil, water and road dirt
  • No wear on the tyres
  • Speed – 9 metres per minute
  • Handles inclines of up to 10%
  • 30 minutes of working time, fully charged


Also perfect for the boat trailer

CamperTrolley CT2500 is a lightweight solution that only adds 6-7 extra kilos to your caravan or boat trailer. With its 4 motors and extra strong caterpillar tracks, the CT2500 is a powerful and sturdy machine.


Technical information

CT 1500

CT 2500

CT 4500

Weight22 kg38 kg38 kg
Electrical rating14.8V14.8V24V
Engine2pcs. DC planetary gear4pcs. DC planetary gear4pcs. DC planetary gear
Height245 mm.260 mm.260 mm.

Need an extra hand?

The CamperTrolley is designed to give a helping hand when manoeuvring your caravan or trailer. The underlying surface affects how effective the power of the CamperTrolley is transferred to the surface.

On solid ground, the CamperTrolley easily manoeuvres your trailer or caravan up and down inclines, in and out of your driveway or onto the camping pitch. The CamperTrolley is the equivalent of two strong men (CT1500) or 3-4 strong men (CT2500). 

On a soft surface, such as sand, gravel, wet ground and wet grass, it may be necessary to give the CamperTrolley a little help by pushing with your own weight, especially to begin with and when manoeuvring up an incline.

Which Camper Trolley Should I Choose?

Camper Trolley is an excellent choice for safe and easy manoeuvring of your caravan, boat trailer or horse trailer.

When choosing a Camper Trolley, it is vital that the total weight of your caravan does not exceed the maximum weight limit that the Camper Trolley is designed to manoeuvre. By choosing a Camper Trolley that is too small, you risk overloading your Camper Trolley and consequently invalidating the warranty.

The Camper Trolley comes with everything you need to use it. All you need to do is attach the bracket to the chassis and charge the Camper Trolley’s battery. The factory-supplied fittings for mounting on your caravan are suitable for most trailers and caravans.


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