– luxury at its best.

These new and very powerful models are lightweight with a very efficient and quiet compressor, compared to several other models on the market.

The compressor is specially designed to cool down to an outdoor temperature of -40 °C and an outdoor humidity of 40%, which is almost a 100 °C lower temperature. 

  • The compact dimensions make it very versatile.
  • The heat pump produces up to 70% more heat than typical units.
  • Ultra-low profile ensures optimal aerodynamics and reduces headroom in the carport or garage.
  • Automatic de-icing function for low ambient heating operation.
  • Remote control with LCD 
  • LCD and LED lighting in the interior panel


Kronings air conditioner with fresh air intake

You know it from your car – you are sitting in a queue and press the recirculation button, and the air quickly becomes flat, this is how all other models other than Kronings 2019 air conditioner work, which is equipped with fresh air intake.
The fresh air intake provides a much cooler indoor climate in the caravan or motorhome.


Technical information




Power supply v 220-240V/50HZ 220-240V/50HZ 220-240V/50HZ
Rated cooling 2.0Kw 2.4Kw 3.0Kw
Rated heat   2.4Kw 3.4Kw
Unit weight on the roof 27 kg 28 kg 45 kg

Refill the refrigerant yourself

The units are designed so that end customers can refill the refrigerant themselves via a standard connection valve. As a result, the units are future-proof compared to other air conditioners.

Fresh air inlet

The units are designed to withstand the sweltering summer temperatures in southern Europe and Australia, as well as the freezing winters in the Nordic countries. The units are some of the only air conditioners on the market with fresh air intake.

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